Friends Are Friends Forever . . .

“Do you miss Allendale?”

We are asked this question all the time. Sometimes people ask with a smirk, knowing that we are enjoying life back in Greenville. But mostly they are genuinely wondering about our feelings.

The truth is that there is a lot that we do not miss about Allendale. We don’t miss . . .

  • people who don’t want things to change;
  • the politicking;
  • living in The Middle of Nowhere;
  • public signs with typos and out-of-date information (like 9 months old, or more).

But I would trade all this for the one thing we miss dearly — our friends who are still living in Allendale.

A Worthwhile Detour

Since we moved last summer, we have now taken three trips back to Allendale. The first time was an overnight stay specifically to see lots of friends (see 11 Blessings on Our Trip Back to Allendale).

Then we drove through Allendale last December on our way to Savannah, and again through Allendale over spring break as we again traveled to and from Savannah. (Disclaimer: Driving through Allendale County is worth it just to avoid the terrible stretches of I-26 and I-95 in the lowcountry of SC).

In those three passes through Allendale, we didn’t get to see everyone that we wanted to. And some of our visits with friends were for as short as 10 minutes. But each visit with an old friend was a reminder that we were loved and accepted when we lived in that community, and that love continues on no matter where we may live.

Who did we see on this past trip?

  • Some friends who cook the best authentic tacos, and who shared with us the story of how God provided a new house for them.
  • The guy who gave me my first coaching job, and whom I admire for continuing to guide and develop young men.
  • The mom of a young man who I coached (we saw him on our return trip). (Remember, coaching football was the best two years of my life.)

Who didn’t we see? A whole bunch of other friends, including one tireless community activist who fussed at me for not stopping to see her.

It’s so nice to be loved.

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3 thoughts on “Friends Are Friends Forever . . .

  1. I don’t really consider myself a people person…having a heart for people is probably what I pray most about that God would change in my heart. But my husband and I have moved from a place we lived for 10 years, and while there is little about the place we miss in terms of the area, culture, quality of life, etc, we really do miss the people we met, both at work and at the church we served at and were involved with. I get to go back there as well periodically and tell them I wish they could move to Greenville SC with me!

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