How Do You Gain Trust: 5 Simple But Difficult Steps

Are you about to move to a new neighborhood, new school, or new job?

Or maybe you recently made a change? Or maybe you did a while ago, but you want to do better engaging those around you. Are you wondering how to earn the trust of your new community?

From our experience of moving (more than I ever thought I would), I have learned 5 simple (but difficult) steps to gain the trust of those in your new community.

The short list:

  1. Get on their turf.
  2. Be humble.
  3. Build relationships.
  4. Love and empathize.
  5. Trust in God.

For a more complete explanation, check out my latest guest post on the Culturally Engaged blog, called Neighboring: 5 Steps to Earn Trust.

I trust that you’ll find this useful. But I probably missed some tips and principles.

Let us know in the comments (here or the CE blog): What have you learned about earning the trust of a new community?

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Everyday Discipleship

boat making-disciples-in-the-everyday-stuff-of-life desiring_god

From Jeff Vanderstelt:

When we see disciple-making as primarily done in classrooms or events, we end up leading others to see following Jesus as a study or a program instead of an all-of-life kind of thing. . . .

When discipleship happens in the everyday stuff of life, disciples learn how to follow Jesus in the everyday stuff of life, as well.

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Summer Camp for a Purpose

4H Camp 13July

Parents — are you sending your kids to camp this summer?

Whether it’s a week-long or summer-long experience, and whether it’s a day camp or a residential camp, I have something for you to think about . . .

Don’t let your kids’ camp experience be all about them.

And if you want to add another . . .

Don’t send your kids to camp alone.

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Friends Are Friends Forever . . .

“Do you miss Allendale?”

We are asked this question all the time. Sometimes people ask with a smirk, knowing that we are enjoying life back in Greenville. But mostly they are genuinely wondering about our feelings.

The truth is that there is a lot that we do not miss about Allendale. We don’t miss . . .

  • people who don’t want things to change;
  • the politicking;
  • living in The Middle of Nowhere;
  • public signs with typos and out-of-date information (like 9 months old, or more).

But I would trade all this for the one thing we miss dearly — our friends who are still living in Allendale.

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Why After School Programs

kasarda additionDuring our time in Allendale, my wife and I saw the value of after school programs for children and teenagers. Besides giving children an opportunity to get help with school work, they need a place hang out with friends and positive role models. (I saw this early on when we asked some students why they wanted to be in the new after school program.)

When we moved to Greenville this summer, we wondered if an after school program would be needed in the Greater Sullivan Neighborhood (the community where we are focusing on for now). And after talking with school and community leaders, as well as local parents, we were sure that this was a need.

But this is not a novel idea, of course, whether in Greenville or in our neighborhood. A couple of years ago, a young man who came through the Mill Village Farms program as a teenager, had the desire to start an after school program. But at 19 years of age, Morrell Stokes didn’t feel like he could do this himself.

God (and a mutual friend) brought Morrell and I together, combining his passion for the community, and our experience with after school programs. We are excited to be working together to launch Clubhouse Kids After School on Monday January 26, meeting at Long Branch Baptist Church (Morrell’s church, and a partner of Grace Church and Mill Community Ministries).  Continue reading

The Single Biggest Thing You Can Do to Break the Cycle of Poverty

thumb everystockphoto brokenartsDo you want to see life change in others? Do you want to help someone rise out of generational poverty. Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

Then you may be wondering what’s the biggest impact you can make. Is it donating to specific ministries or organizations? Should you become a teacher? Maybe you become a vocal social and political activist.

All of these things are good, but none of them are the single biggest thing you can do to change someone’s life.

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The “WHY” Behind Elevate Youth


Did you see this video at the Mission to Worship event?

After I was interviewed for this video, I realized I left something out. I explained what we would be doing (working with youth), but I didn’t fully communicate why I thought this was important.

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