Come. Be a part of this adventure.

I’ve been through the journey of going from student-athlete (heavy on the former), to chemist, to children’s pastor, to missionary in Allendale (SC). I’ve been through the journey of Judaism to somewhere between agnosticism and atheism, to a follower of Jesus Christ.

I have learned a lot about Jesus, children, poverty, justice, education, and more. But I have a lot more to learn. Will you help me?

Will you join the adventure?

This is the fourth blog that I’ve started. But if you are just now beginning to read my material, you’re in luck. I’m getting better as I go.

If your curious about what I’ve written in the past, check out my other blogs:

  • A Different Way:  I still write on this blog, about twice per week, about children, marriage, ministry, theology, and more. 600 posts and counting!
  • Mission: Allendale:  Over 500 posts based on our >3 year adventure in Allendale, SC.
  • Children at Grace:  My first feeble steps at blogging. I posted about 300 articles before turning it over when I transitioned out of my job as children’s pastor.

Go ahead an subscribe to this blog. You’ll get a couple of posts each week, and zero spam (from me at least; I can’t control those other folks). You’ll get some insight, and hopefully you’ll give some back.

I can’t promise you that I know where we are heading — whether personally for me and my family, or for this blog. But I know that when God calls His people to something big (see Deuteronomy 3:18), He personally goes with them.

God is writing a story, and He’s allowing us to be a part of it. I hope you’ll join us, too.

Read more about Why I’m writing this blog.


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