The “WHY” Behind Elevate Youth


Did you see this video at the Mission to Worship event?

After I was interviewed for this video, I realized I left something out. I explained what we would be doing (working with youth), but I didn’t fully communicate why I thought this was important.

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Can You Deal With Poverty Without Dealing with Sin?

question_man flickr Marco_Belluci

A few months ago, I asked this question on Facebook:

“Can you deal with poverty without dealing with sin?”

Here are some of my favorite responses:

“In regards to others’ sin, I don’t think it should prevent us from moving. I suspect some would use “their” sin as an excuse from moving. Ultimately, like all issues, sin would need to be addressed.”

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We Created This Monster

frankenstein bookHave you read Frankenstein? If you haven’t, the first thing you need to know is that the movie portrayal of his “monster” (an unfortunate term, but we’ll use it here) is very different from in Shelley’s book.

In the movie version (and all the following knock-offs), the monster is lumbering and barely coherent. In the book, he is agile, strong, and grows to be extremely intelligent.

But here is what both versions agree on:

  • Frankenstein created a monster, for reasons that may have been partly noble and partly not.
  • However that monster came to exist, the monster became dangerous.

(Because the book — which I read on a suggestion from Art of Manliness — is fresh on my mind, I’ll mostly be referring that version of the story in this post.)

I’m no expert in literary analysis, but I could not help but see how much Frankenstein spoke about our culture and our innate human nature.  Continue reading