For the past few years, I have regularly considered giving up blogging. Every three or four months or so, I would wake up, think about all the things going on in my life, and I would be 100% ready to stop blogging. And every time, that very same day, I would get an email, or a note, or a text thanking me for having written something that encouraged or motivated them.

And I would get back to my laptop and hack away at it.

Sometimes those encouragements would be from a close friend, and sometimes from someone I knew casually, and sometimes from a completely stranger. It never ceased to amaze me how God would use my ramblings to help someone else, and to give a voice to the voiceless and an image to the unseen.

But now I am sure that I need a break from blogging. Not just a week or a month, but for the rest of the year (or longer).

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A Need for Rest

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”  (Psalm 46:10)

Being a science-nerd (completely) and environmentally friendly (somewhat), I love rechargeable batteries. Sure they are more expensive, but they pay for themselves in the long run.

Have you ever had a battery leak in a device, and have to clean up the white corrosion product? One thing I’ve learned from batteries (rechargeable or not) is that if you don’t use the device in a while, you should remove the battery.

But whereas removing the battery can save it and the device, it doesn’t make the battery stronger. Doing so won’t drain them further, but it also doesn’t recharge them.

The same with me. While I need time to “unplug” regularly, doing so doesn’t necessarily recharge me. I need to actively and intentionally be recharged.

I struggle to rest. Even last year, I couldn’t finish my monthly goal of being still for 10 minutes a day. But over the next week, I will at least take a break from blogging. You won’t see me post anything for a week, and even then, I’ll ease back into it with some “best of” posts.

I will spend more time investing in things that do recharge me, namely, my relationships with Jesus, with my family, and with friends. After all, I am not wanting to be recharged for my own life’s sake, but knowing that my life belongs to my Lord and Savior.

David Mathis writes in Take a Break from the Chaos:

“We are humans, not machines. We were made for rhythms of silence and noise, community and solitude. It is unhealthy to always have people around, as well as to rarely want them. God made us for cycles and seasons, for routines and cadences.”

I wish you a Merry Christmas, and that you would rest well, too.

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