Can You Help Fill This Gap?

Vox Josh Courtney

One of My Boys is coming to Greenville, and he could use your support.

Courtney Owens is a young man from Allendale who . . .

  • was one of the hardest working guys I coached;
  • volunteered at every camp that I asked him to work (and that was a lot);
  • shows a desire to improve himself, such as reading every book I’ve given him, and even going through a book study with a group of guys;
  • impressed a local business owner enough to get hired — an impressive feat in a community of high unemployment and few employers.

Now, he has graduated high school, and is wanting to move on towards success in life. The question before him now is, what does that life look like?

Courtney has been raised by a loving and strong mother, and with the influence of some caring men to give him guidance along the way. But he can use more. He can use Vox Bivium.

What Is Vox Bivium?

Vox Bivium literally means “voice at the crossroads,” and is a new gap-year program just north of Greenville, SC. My friend Josh Pederson launched this program “for high-school graduates and college-age young adults who accept the quest to gain clarity and understanding for who they truly are and what God has called them to do.”

You can read more about Vox, but here are the four categories of learning that Courtney (and others) will be a part of:

  1. Biblical Teaching and Spiritual Formation
  2. Leadership and Character Development
  3. Clarity of Identity and Calling
  4. Practical Skills

Over nine months, the young men and women in this program will grow in understanding of who they are and what they can do to make a difference in the world. And then they will be launched on that trajectory.

Vox Guys

How Courtney Fits In

This program comes to Courtney at a perfect time. He has matured a lot over the last few years, and he recognizes that he has more to learn.

He has told me and others that he wants to learn more — about life, about work, and even about growing in the Christian faith.

In other words, this program will meet Courtney at a crucial crossroad in his life. And you can help him succeed in his journey.

How You Can Fill the Gap

The cost of this program is $16,500 for the nine-months. That includes all meals, housing, trips, books, etc.

The staff at Vox Bivium have been raising funds, to cover one-time and recurring expenses. And some of those fund-raising efforts are to support students who need some scholarship assistance.

And Courtney is one of those students. I cannot think of a student who would benefit from this program as much as Courtney will, and who is more deserving of a scholarship. I told the Vox staff that we would raise half of his tuition.

Would you help Courtney at this crossroads? Will you help him move past the struggles and challenges he’s had in the past 18 years, and propel him to success and opportunity and purpose?

Any contribution you make will help. You can make a tax-deductible contribution on the Vox donation page. (If you want to write a check, you can contact me for more information.)

If you are making a contribution, and you want it to go directly to Courtney’s scholarship fund, please contact me so I can alert the Vox staff. That will help make sure your generous gift gets to the right place.

On behalf of Courtney Owens, his family, and the Vox team, thank you for your support.


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