Summer Camp: Mid-Summer Update

After week off, we are back at Summer Camp. We are thankful to partner with Long Branch Baptist Church, as it has been a wonderful opportunity for our family, and for 40+ children in this neighborhood and in this church.

This experience has been new for us — being leaders at a summer camp without being in charge of it. We are thankful that we haven’t been in charge. For one, it has helped us to step back and not carry such a big load. But even more, we see that the leaders at Long Branch have done a number of things so much better than we could have!

During the first few weeks of this camp, Joanna and I noticed how loving those leaders are. This church has some younger adults and college students serving, most of the ones involved are older. And while these folks might not have the energy level they once did, their love and passion for children is obvious.

More than just this camp, Long Branch Baptist Church is a key supporter of Mill Village Farms, providing the land for our first urban garden and plenty of support along the way. We are glad to be able connect this church and our ministry, such as with weekly fun and educational field trips to the garden:

Work to Be Done

We are honored to be a part of this summer camp, and we are inspired by how the Spirit of love is working through this church. This is about the fifth year of them having a camp, but the first time it is a full day (7:30 AM – 5:30 PM).

We could use your help. My wife and others have been working hard to provide enriching and fun activities for the campers, and we can always use helping hands and loving hearts.

Chess Club Summer Camp2015Not only that, I am starting a new part-time job next week, so my time at camp will be much more limited.

Do you have an hour or two each week, or a few hours per month, that you could invest in children? Maybe you have skills or experiences that you could share (such as my weekly chess club), or maybe you’d like to assist the current leaders.

Whatever you can offer, I’m sure these children will benefit from.

Interested in this ministry opportunity? Leave a comment or contact me.

You don’t want to miss the great time we are having!

2015-06-16 09.53.30

2015-06-18 11.02.06

2015-06-18 13.14.00

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