Leading a Non-Profit

book_ managing_non_profitI’ve been reading Managing the Nonprofit Organization (Peter Drucker). It is definitely challenging me in how I am leading Elevate Youth.

Here are some quotes that I’ve mulled over already (I’m sure I’ll come across more):

“Keep your eye on your task, not on yourself. The task matters, and you are a servant.”

“The leader starts out with the realization that he and the organization owe; the owe the customers, the clients, the constituency. . . . And what they really owe is really to enable people to realize their potential, to realize their purpose in serving the organization.”

“Leadership is accountable for results. And leadership always asks, Are we really faithful stewards of the talents entrusted to us? The talents, the gifts of the people — the talents, the gifts of money. Leadership is doing. It isn’t just thinking great thoughts; it isn’t just charisma; it isn’t play-acting. It is doing. . . .

And the first imperative of doing is to revise the mission, to refocus it, and to build and organize, and then abandon. It is asking ourselves whether, knowing what we now know, we would go into this again. Would we stress it? Would we pour more resources in, or would we taper off? That is the first action command for any mission.”

For all the kids and youth and parents, and volunteers and supporters and readers, I recognize that I owe you.

I owe you my best efforts — whether for things I enjoy doing (being with kids, helping others get plugged in), or for things I don’t (fund-raising, marketing). We have a mission, and we will work together to see our hope become a reality.


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