Humility in Our Gospel Mission

Matthew 28:19-20 is one of the most-used passages to justify foreign missions (and not always accurately so). Another similar passage is Acts 1:4-11.

In discussing this passage, Brian Dembowczyk points out that we (evangelicals in the USA) tend to have a proud, self-centered view of the gospel and of missions.

“And so when it comes to global missions – and local missions for that matter – we need to resist the pull toward missional pride and pursue missional humility instead.”

He then lists four ways that we can remember and pursue this missional humility:

  1. Remember the very essence of the gospel.  We all are sinners who are in desperate need of salvation and life through Jesus.
  2. Remember that we are first recipients of the gospel, before we ever share it.  We are just one link in a long-chain of faithful evangelism.
  3. Remember that we are foreigners living in a strange world.  We need to share the power of the gospel according to the context of the culture we are in.
  4. Remember Jesus’ humility, and that we are called to walk in His path.  “If we are following Jesus, we have no choice but to emulate His humility.”

Be sure to read the entire article, Humility in the Mission.

Photo credit: George L Smyth / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


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