Help Create Beautiful Memories for a Child This Summer

A couple of weekends ago, I spent two nights at a retreat with a few 5th and 6th graders from Grace Church.

And when I say “a few,” I mean about 250 children. Plus leaders. Yikes.

Despite my distaste for retreats (chaos, lack of sleep, noisy, dirty, crowded) I am glad I went, because I got to be with some special people in my life:

  • my son Elijah,
  • my small group of 6th grade boys,
  • a 5th grade girl from our Clubhouse Kids after school program.

The young lady had a great time. On the first night, she told her leader, “This is the best night I’ve had in a long time.” She got to be with friends from school (but whom she doesn’t interact with much outside of school), and make a lot of new friends.

Her positive experience reminded me of the importance of helping students (especially those from under-resourced communities) get to summer camp.

Beautiful Memories

This girl was able to go merely because we asked her and Grace Church covered the cost. During the retreat, her mom texted me,

“Thanks for helping create beautiful memories for her!”

A simple ask and a simple donation did that: create a positive experience and memory. And you can do the same.

Your Chance

We are connected with at least two summer camp experiences this summer, and we need your help to get kids to be a part of one (or both):

Camp Grace Camp for 3rd and 4th Graders (with Grace Church). This 2-night retreat is at the same place I went two weekends ago (Look Up Lodge). While neither I nor any of our children will be going, we know a lot of other families who will be participating. We would love for a few of the Clubhouse Kids to attend.

The cost for this camp is $125 per child, for the weekend of June 19-21.

Summer Youth Enrichment Camp (at Long Branch Baptist Church). We are helping with Long Branch’s summer camp for children. (Remember: this is the church that gives us their facility for Clubhouse Kids.) In years past, they did a half-day camp, but this year, they will be serving children from 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM. As you can imagine, they need all the help they can get, and we are glad to partner with them.

There is a cost for this camp. It is normally $450 per child, but they are allowing any children in Clubhouse Kids to sign up for $350 each. This price covers the entire 8 weeks of the summer.

We are grateful for this discount. But while we want families to cover as much of the cost as possible, we know that this price is still significant, especially for families that have multiple children.

Would you be able to help send a child to one of these camps? If you can cover part or all of one of these camps, just follow these steps:

  1. Let me know how much you can give, by contacting me.
  2. Let me know which camp experience (day camp at Long Branch, or overnight camp with Grace Church) you’d like to support.
  3. Let me know if there is a specific family you’d like to support.
  4. Write a check.

**IMPORTANT:  Do NOT use the donate page on my blog to make this contribution. Because you are supporting the cost of a camp, it will NOT be a tax-deductible contribution. Contact me to work out details, but know that you’ll have to either write the check out to me, or to the church (with “summer camp support” on the memo line).

Thank you for your support!


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