A Testimony to Your Love

Dear friend, you are being faithful to God when you care for the traveling teachers who pass through, even though they are strangers to you. They have told the church here of your loving friendship. Please continue providing for such teachers in a manner that pleases God. For they are traveling for the Lord, and they accept nothing from people who are not believers. So we ourselves should support them so that we can be their partners as they teach the truth. (3 John 5-8)

When we were in Allendale, our primary source of income was the generous donations of others. Most of those people were friends we knew (or, sometimes, didn’t know so well) through church. As John wrote nearly 2000 years ago, you were being faithful to God by supporting the ministry that He allowed us to be a part of.

Now that I work for Mill Community Ministries, our family is not directly supported by your financial support. I don’t have to worry when I get a giving statement if we’ll have enough money for us. (In truth, I never really had to worry about that, but I did anyway.) But the long-term sustainability of this ministry is directly related to the generosity of people like you.

When You Give

When you support this ministry financially or through your volunteer hours, you are testifying to your love. And even more, you are giving a testimony to the love of God.

And when you volunteer your time (through mentoring in our Powered for Life program, or at Clubhouse Kids), you likewise are proclaiming your love for us and your love for God, and God’s love for everyone.

I don’t want to bring too much attention to those who have generously given their time and their money. After all, I don’t want to rob them of their eternal rewards (a la Matthew 6:1-4).

However, I do want to show you the power of God’s love and grace, that He has raised up His body to do a great work. At the risk of forgetting someone, here are those who have supported us in various ways.

Financial Donors to Elevate Youth (in 2015, initials only):

  • H&JW
  • T&KR
  • J&SW
  • P&AR
  • M&SB
  • C&MW
  • S&BH

(Note: If you don’t find yourself on this list, I may have left you off. Feel free to contact me to make sure your contributions are getting allocated properly.)

Adult Volunteers, Either at Clubhouse Kids or as mentors at Powered for Life:

  • Morrell
  • Kelley
  • Ashley
  • Maggie
  • Brantley
  • Susan
  • Amanda
  • Heather
  • Lori
  • Katie
  • RJ
  • Ben

And this doesn’t count the dozens of people who have provided snacks or meals or other fun supplies for our programs, too.

Do you want to join us? Do you want to proclaim God’s love through your acts of love? Contact me, and let’s begin a discussion of how we can partner with you.

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