Racial Reconciliation: 2 Videos + 4 Articles

From Lecrae (via Desiring God):  Engaging Race Face to Face

Lecrae makes the case that a conversation with tension will be healthy and beneficial, but the church is scared to go there.

And check out this video from Leonce Crump (via Verge Network): A Biblical Vision for Racial Reconciliation.

“Is not the mission of God to see people not only reconciled to God, but also diverse groups reconciled to each other?”

More Reading

5 Crucial Ways the Church Can Pursue Racial Reconciliation (Alex Dean). We need to think about this issue from a global, local, and personal level.

Racial Justice and the Gospel (Russell Moore). “Jim Crow is put to flight ultimately because Jesus Christ steps forward out of history and announces, with us, “I Am a Man.””

Jim Crow, Civil Rights, and Southern White Evangelicals (Justin Taylor). A panel of historians answers the questions of how much white evangelicals helped (or hindered) the Civil Rights movement.

You Don’t Have to Say ‘Yo’ Around Me (Trillia Newbell). “To see reconciliation and progress in our nation, communities, and churches, we must recognize that racial bias is indeed a possibility for each and every one of us.” Good words from an author whose book has shaken me.


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