Clubhouse Kids: A Piece of the Puzzle

Let’s be clear about Clubhouse Kids, the new after school program in the Greater Sullivan Neighborhood (downtown Greenville, SC).

  • We are not substitute parents. Each of these children have a family that loves them, and that is their primary relationship.
  • We do not offer intensive tutoring and remediation. With the number of volunteers (anywhere from 3-5 on a day) and students (up to 18), we cannot give individual attention to every children who needs help with reading and homework.
  • We are not a counseling service. Some of our students have emotional challenges. While we aim to show love for each child, we don’t have time (or the know-how) to talk in-depth with each student.
  • We are not a local church. While we teach the Bible, communicate the gospel, and pray, we are not a replacement for a community of believers.

We are not replacements for parents, educators, counselors, or churches. But we can be a piece of the puzzle. Home and school are the biggest pieces of these children’s lives, but we believe that we can come alongside those other institutions.

And that’s what we are hearing from our students, their families, and their schools. Here are just a few examples:

From a 5th grader in our program, who works hard and displays good leadership: “Can I come here when I’m a middle schooler?” Of course, we told her yes! And when I mentioned the idea of her doing some gardening work with Mill Village Farms, she got really excited. We get to be a piece of her puzzle, to teach her about hard work.

From a teacher of one of our students: “Thanks for your continued support and all you do in working with him after school! It shows!” We get to be a piece of his puzzle that supports his education.

From a mom of one of our students, who stopped me on the street in our neighborhood: “I just left a meeting with the school. They are going to talk with you about additional educational help that she needs.” The next day I was in the school, and one of the of the administrators stopped me to talk about this situation. Not only are we supporting this student’s education, but we also get to come alongside her mother (who works odd hours).

And of course, there’s the story from our first week, of one of our Clubhouse Kids who got his homework done for the first time all year.

Your Piece of the Puzzle

When you support Clubhouse Kids, you too become a piece of the puzzle. You become part of the chain of success for a child who needs a little more attention, love, and help. (And what child doesn’t need a little more of these?)

How can you become a piece of the puzzle? Here are two big ways:

  1. Volunteer:  By serving for just 2-4 hours per month, you can have a meaningful impact.
    • We especially need help for reading and homework time.
    • Or maybe you have another special skill or talent that you’d like to share. Let us know!
  2. Donate:  We can only sustain this ministry thanks to the generous financial support of so many. You can make a one-time or recurring donation by clicking here (and designating your gift for “Elevate Youth”).

Thanks to everyone who has already become a significant piece to this puzzle. Many of you have volunteered significant time, or donated generously, or both. Many of you have donated delicious snacks, sports equipment, and other supplies. THANK YOU!

If you want to jump on board (especially if you can volunteer), let me know you’re interested by leaving a comment below, contacting me via Facebook or Twitter, or sending me an email.

Here are some recent photos:

Elbow Tag!
Time Bingo!
Snack time!
My daughter and “her” Kindergarteners!

You can see more photos and updates, by connecting with Elevate Youth on:

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