[Video] Racism by the Numbers

Yes, racism is big and complex. But if you are in the majority (a white American who doesn’t think race bias exists), you should watch this 4-minute video:

But remember, “Data is cold, in a way that humans are not.”

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2 thoughts on “[Video] Racism by the Numbers

  1. Thank you for posting this. It was overwhelming to watch, and I’m still a bit short of breath. I knew this was true before watching this, but still, I’m sad. I’m sad about those who don’t acknowledge this reality. I’m sad for those who live with this reality daily. And I’m sad that I will have to teach my black son about these realities one day.


    • For all the times I’ve watched this, I never thought about it from the perspective of a family like yours. You are not walking an easy road, for sure. But I’m glad you (and others) are.


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