Mission: God’s Gospel and Our Culture

godskingdom gospel_project

Some reading that should get your thoughts going . . .

Mission and the Kingdom of God (Ed Stetzer).  God’s mission (and ours) is about sharing the truth about Jesus AND alleviating needs. For more, see Why Did Jesus Come to Earth.

Turning Our Backs (Jordan Weissmann).  Welfare is growing, but it is shrinking for those who need it the most.

Letter to a Future Black Man (Yed Anikpo).  Four important truths as we reflect on tragedy and injustice. The first is “Repent or perish.”

 9 Ways to Find a Movie’s Worldview of Redemption (Brian Godawa, via Justin Taylor).  A very helpful guide, and can be coupled with John Frame’s 12 Questions to Ask When Viewing a Film.

The Christian Life All Boils Down to This One Question (Halim Suh).  “Do I believe that Jesus is better?” See the video below for an explanation.

I hope you are challenged and encouraged, every day.


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