Engaging Your Business and Your Community

missiontoworship_14Nov Last fall, Grace Church hosted a Mission to Worship event. In case you missed it, I thought it would be beneficial to re-post the videos (and some thoughts) from the two main teaching sessions.

Building Significance in Your Business

First, Brian Gural facilitated a conversation with businessman Mike Pereyo. If you are a Christian business-owner, you will be challenged and encouraged by watching this. And even if you’re not (like myself), you will love the story of this company. 

Go and Do in Your Community

The teaching from Bill White will also be convicting and inspiring.

Quick Thoughts

I hope you can take some time to watch both of these. To prime the pump of your heart, soul, and mind, here were some of my main take-aways, which I shared after the event.

So, what will you go and do? If you’re looking for some ideas for the Greenville area, check out this video (and deeper explanation) of Mill Community Ministries.

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