Getting Powered for Life!

Last month, we (Elevate Youth and Mill Village Farms) helped to launch a 16-week program for teenagers, called Powered for Life. We advertised and recruited with the aim of enlisting a diverse range of students. With students coming from six different schools, I think we achieved our goal!

The Powered for Life material is a Bible-centered tool to help prepare young adults for a successful life. It focuses on four main ideas, with the acronym L.I.F.E. –>

  • L:  Learn purpose and success
  • I:  Inspiration and Instruction
  • F:  Focus and Faith
  • E:  Experience success

Our Goal

We have a few main objectives over the next few months of Powered for Life:

  1. Teach the gospel, especially God’s love for these students and their need for a Savior.
  2. Equip them with needed leadership and “soft” skills, especially since many college graduates do not have the job skills needed for success.
  3. Connect them with other teenagers (and caring leaders), from diverse backgrounds.

The Team of Leaders and Participants

2015-01-20 18.19.51

More than a dozen teenagers have committed to meeting every Tuesday evening for the next four months, at Juanita Butler Community Center (in the Greater Sullivan Neighborhood). I will be co-teaching with a leader from Long Branch Baptist Church, Frank Floyd, while my friend and colleague Dan will handle most of the thankless, behind the scenes tasks.

Mr. Floyd and I will be the main teachers on alternate weeks, but each of us will have a role to play every week. With his experience (he has taught similar material at Long Branch, and he also works for SC Works), I know that I have a lot to live up to!

The Rest of the Team . . . YOU!

And we are not alone in this endeavor. Four mentors have committed to partner with us, to provide guidance and encouragement for the teenagers (the participants have a homework assignment each week).

Additionally, eight groups (most of them Community Groups from Grace Church) will each provide two meals over the course of this program. Through this, they will get a peek into what we God is doing through Mill Community Ministries, and they will model to the teenagers what it looks like to give back to the community.

Lastly, we are grateful for the financial partnership of so many people. Your contributions allow us to minister to youth in Greenville, and especially in communities like the Greater Sullivan Neighborhood.

Already, in just the first couple of weeks, we are seeing relationships form — relationships between teens and their mentors, between the teens and the groups that provide meals, and relationships among the teenagers themselves! We are excited to see what God continues to do over the next few months!

We would love to partner with you in God’s work in this community. You can support this ministry by making a donation, or you can contact us to learn about more opportunities.

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