The Mentor Act

mentoring month 15Jan
Did you know that January is National Mentoring Month? Even if you have not been mentoring, it’s never too late to start!

And why should you be a mentor? First, it’s The Single Biggest Thing You Can Do to Break the Cycle of Poverty.

Second, a child who has a positive role model as a mentor is less likely to commit a crime.

I qualify mentor with “positive role model” because everyone has a mentor. It’s just a matter of what kind of person is mentoring you, and what you are being mentored toward.

Want to learn more? Watch this 3-minute video of men who were “mentored” all the way into prison . . . .

Did you hear what these incarcerated men said:

“I grew up thinking that [drinking a lot of alcohol] was the norm.”

“It could have made a real big difference in my life, of having a mentor outside of my circle.”

“Depending on what you feed your mind at that age, depending on what influences that you identify with, that’s who you’ll be.”

Students need support at school, beyond what teachers and counselors are able to handle. A student who has a close relationship with an adult at school (staff or volunteer) is less likely to be absent.

Do you want to be a mentor? I can help get you started. Let me know by leaving a comment, or by contacting me via email, Facebook, or Twitter.


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