Teaching and Engaging Students in Poverty

book teaching poverty in mindDo you teach or work with students who are growing up in poverty? You’ll want to check out this post from Alexandra Fenwick. She lists 10 inspiring quotes from Eric Jensen. My favorites are:

“When educators believe students are competent, students tend to perform better; conversely, when educators believe students have deficits, students tend to perform more poorly.”

“You can’t change what’s in your students’ bank account, but you can change what’s in their emotional account.”

“A ‘no excuses’ mentality means that even if you believe it should be students’ job to be engaged, you accept that it’s your job to engage them.”

“Your students’ life experiences are a rich source of background knowledge and potential narrative strategy for you to tap in your classroom.”

If you were a reader of my Mission: Allendale blog, you know that I’m a bit of an Eric Jensen groupie. I quoted or referred to his book Teaching with Poverty in Mind in numerous posts, including:

Have you read Teaching with Poverty in Mind? I consider it a must-read for all educators and after school workers. Buy your copy here, then check out Fenwick’s post to see other recommended resources.

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