Do You REALLY Believe that Jesus Is Real?

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From Jonathan Parnell, on the Desiring God blog:

“If you see the way Jesus is described in Revelation 5, and if you believe that this Jesus is real — then what is there that we would not do for him?

I am convinced that if we could see him here, if we could grasp a fraction of what it means to have all power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing, . . . — then there is no endeavor for his sake for which we’d be too afraid.

So there are nearly 7,000 unreached peoples on the earth — Jesus is real. Let’s go.

So the secularized West needs the revival of a multiplying church planting movement — Jesus is real. Come with us.

Spend three afternoons a week to mentor troubled youth in the inner-city — Jesus is real. Sign me up.

Pastor a small church in rural America that has terrible internet bandwidth — Jesus is real. Bury me in the parish cemetery.

Sacrifice time and resources so that strangers might hear the gospel — Jesus is real. Show me where.

Do you see what these verses [in Revelation 5] say about Jesus? Don’t you know that he is real?”

Read the full post, Don’t You Know Jesus Is Real?

Are you stirred by any of Parnell’s examples of living out a real faith? Let us hear in the comments!

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