Volunteer Opportunities in 2015

MVF Teen Finances Class
Guest speaker Jonathan Sargent shared important lessons about work, to our youth development class.

Over the past few months, we (at Mill Community Ministries) have had a number of inquiries regarding volunteer opportunities. We have been winding down our programming at the end of the year, but we are gearing up for new opportunities in 2015.

To start, let me be clear about why I believe in these opportunities. I want to see life change in children, youth, and adults. But this happens best when they receive two things:

  1. Loving and encouraging relationships
  2. Biblical truths and the gospel of Jesus Christ

Here is a list of opportunities that I will be involved in, which will include one or both of these needs. I invite you (and your friends and church small group) can be a part of them, too:

  1. Clubhouse Kids After School.  We will be launching an after school program in the Greater Sullivan Neighborhood, by the end of January. I’ll write more about this later, but here are some service opportunities (for Mondays and Thursdays, 3 – 5:30 PM):
    1. 12 people to volunteer 2 hours per month
    2. 6 people to volunteer 3-4 hours per month 
    3. 8 people (or groups) to provide snacks one time per month (January – May)
    4. NOTE: Got kids? Bring them with you, so they can connect by making new friends!
  2. In-school Mentoring (or Lunch Buddies).  Though not directly our program, we believe in the power of mentoring, and no organization is doing this better in Greenville and Anderson than Mentor Upstate. You can have a significant impact in the life of a child or teenager, but just being in a school a few hours a month. This the simplest and most significant thing you can do to break the cycle of poverty. I am most involved at Augusta Circle Elementary School, but we need mentors all over our area. Just pick a school most convenient to your job or home.
  3. Youth Development Class.  To equip young teenagers for success in life, we will be offering a 16-week class called Powered for Life. We have opportunities for you to partner with us (Tuesdays, 5:30 – 7:30 PM):
    1. We need 5 people or Small Groups to each provide two meals between January and May. We will be feeding up to 15 students and 4 adult leaders. You would be welcome to join the meal, too, so you can get to know our youth!
    2. We need 3 more guest speakers. Any knowledge you have about work or entrepreneurship could be relevant to our topic.

Do any of these sound interesting? Please contact me or Mill Community Ministries ASAP to join the team. Opportunities are limited!

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