The Single Biggest Thing You Can Do to Break the Cycle of Poverty

thumb everystockphoto brokenartsDo you want to see life change in others? Do you want to help someone rise out of generational poverty. Of course you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

Then you may be wondering what’s the biggest impact you can make. Is it donating to specific ministries or organizations? Should you become a teacher? Maybe you become a vocal social and political activist.

All of these things are good, but none of them are the single biggest thing you can do to change someone’s life.

If you want to see lives changed, you need to . . . mentor someone.

What Is Mentoring?

You can call it mentoring, or disicple-making, or coaching. It comes in many forms, but the key requirement is an authentic life-on-life relationship.

Everyone needs mentoring — no matter your age, socioeconomic class, profession, and spiritual maturity. We all have something to learn. Conversely, we all have something to teach.

You can help bring about life change in someone else. And if you want to have the longest-term impact, you should mentor a child (and/or his parent). It is the best Gameplan for Poverty.

Don’t want to take my word for it? Then listen to these children:

And listen to these adults:

Hollis Academy from First Presbyterian Church on Vimeo.

If you want to hear a bigger-picture, scripture-based reason to mentor, watch John Sowers (via Verge Network):

Call to Action

What will you do? Will you be counted among those who will stand in the gap for a child who needs a mentor? MentorUpstateNOwhite

There are many organizations that you can contact. If you are in Greenville or Anderson Counties (in SC), check out Mentor Upstate, which has over 40 schools with mentoring programs (see the list for Greenville and Anderson).

Please leave a comment or let me know if I can help get you connected.

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