Resource Round-Up

Thanks to Feedly, I easily browse dozens of articles a day.

A few articles that have either challenged or encouraged my thinking. Or both.


Political Engagement and the Kingdom of God

“We want to see our so-called enemies out-voted when they’re doing harmful things, unelected from office when they’re hurting the common good. But we don’t stop there. We want to see them transformed by the blood of Christ.”

Culture and the Kingdom of God

“It is God who ordered the world in such a manner that humans would create art and undertake scientific research. It is he who made us capable of politics, economics, homemaking, sports, and education. God’s desire is for us to undertake activities in these realms in a way that glorifies him (1 Cor 10:31).” 

The Whiteness Project and The Gulf That Divides Us

Before we lived in Allendale, SC (a county that is 77% minority), I would have dismissed this concept. Please don’t make the same mistake. And don’t make the mistake that your perception is everyone’s reality.

7 Practical Tips for Missional Communities in the Suburbs

I especially like the 2nd one: “Do things differently on purpose.” But all these tips are helpful if you want to have a kingdom impact in your community.

These 3 Types of Disciples Are Potential Fruit-Bearing Movement Makers

“When God wants to start with a movement, He doesn’t start with the best people. He starts with the broken.” Who else does God look to? Young people, and poor people.

The Missional Margin of the Good Samaritan

A good reminder for those of us who continually lament how “busy” we are. (Oh, you don’t see a problem with being busy? Read this.)

Dr. Perkins and the Power of the Gospel

And for good measure, one more resource (a video) from Verge Network (from the same John Perkins I have already linked to).


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