Stay or Go?

Eleuthera Trip 2014Apr

Here are some inspiring words from my long-time friend Ray Blackston, on our mission trip to Eleuthera earlier this year:

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Part 1

Anyone who has been on multiple mission trips can resonate with Ray’s doubts:

“Would anyone even offer up financial support if I sent out a support letter, when they most likely would be thinking that I go on too many mission journeys and that I should probably stay home, work on my career, and be a sender instead of a goer?”

Note: For years, I’ve had the same thoughts, about whether I should send or go, especially since I Hate Roughing It.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Part 2

“When we are bonded in Christ, we are then most free to become the unique servants that God intended, and to accomplish the works—both individual and corporate—that he set in motion before the foundation of the world.”


If you want to read more about our mission trip to Eleuthera, check out my previous posts:



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