The Church and Diversity

book_unitedMore from Trillia Newbell, in United, on the topic of church —

“We are not merely individuals walking out our faith alone. We are a part of humanity, each one of us heading toward heaven or hell. We want to be mindful as we interact with others, that though the here and now may feel and seem incredibly permanent, it is not.

That doesn’t mean that we view people as projects. That isn’t love. But out of love we remember that those of us in Christ are witnesses. We want to share the gospel and be a light in a darkened world. It’s the greatest news we’ve ever heard. We don’t want to keep it to ourselves.” (p. 77)

Later she comes back to this idea —

“Our churches should be the most gracious environments on the planet. More than any other place, the church should be more open to and excited about having people unlike themselves.

The gracious environment must begin in our hearts. We have to look to Jesus and ask for grace to emulate his grace.” (p. 95)

Want More?

First, I highly recommend you get a copy of United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity.

Second, read Joe Thorn’s helpful post on 10 ways to show Gospel Affection. Read it in the context of diversity in the church.

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Fourth, share your thoughts or questions on any of these posts, in the comments below.


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